Blue floral dress

Blue plain weave semi sheer floral sleeveless dress with pleated skirt and lace trim on the arms and neckline.  Button down back to waist, missing lowest button where there is a hole torn.  Attached blue pleated belt with 2 buttons.  Matching blue bowtie safety pinned to the front neckline.  Waist darts on front and back. 2 areas of loose stitches at the waist seam, easy to repair. Bodice is lined with white fabric, skirt is unlined.  Made by “Peaches n Cream Apparel”.
Size: n/a 
Total Length: 35" (shoulder to hem) 
Bodice Length: 14" 
Skirt Length: 21" 
Chest: 31" (15.5" across) 
Waist: 25" (12.5" across)

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